SHARK ART by Hamdi Zaino

$8.50 - $25.00

We are honored to platform these sharky works of art by talented Palestinian artist, Hamdi Zaino. These designs by Hamdi showcase some of the amazing shark species that frequent the waters of Palestine.

These stickers will look great on your water bottle, notebook, computer, skateboard or any other beloved hard surface. Join us in standing up for people + planet with these stickers!

- Sticker Measurements:
Blue Sharks are 3" x 1.6"
Smooth Hammerheads are 2.5" x 3"
Great Whites are 3" x 1.6"

- UV protection
- Water/snow/sun resistant
- Easy to apply

Shipping Note: You will receive a notification when the letter has beed dropped off with the USPS; please be aware if you order multiple items they may arrive separately.


Hamdi Zaino is a 23 years old artist, painter and student who was studying fine arts at university in Gaza where he was born. Hamdi and his family are in the Al-Zawaida area of the Gaza Strip, they have been displaced 6 times previously & need immediate funding to get them all to seek refuge in Egypt, which is the closest safe place they can go, away from the killing & starvation:

"The recent prolonged war on Gaza has turned my place of residence, work, and studio into a painful memory. I have lost many people around me (subjected to forced displacement) and I only carry my tablet with me in hopes of finding a way to continue expressing myself and producing digital artwork. My family, consisting of six members, and I have been displaced more than five times, each time encountering tragedy. We continue our attempts to live despite the painful situations, which have been a great shock to me and many of my people who have their own stories.

My big dream is to convey humanitarian messages through my talent in practicing art, speaking for myself and for every free individual. Perhaps my works have turned to express the suffering I have been experiencing lately, but this is the least impact that (the genocide war) may cause... and the fear of the unknown future. I am Hamdi and I hope you can save what remains of my life and my family's life, or save the artistic and humanitarian messages that originate from my heart and my brush with your generous donation. Your support is extremely important. You will save lives and messages. My family and I will be very grateful to you."

** ALL PROCEEDS from these designs go directly to Hamdi in Gaza via his GoFundMe page helping him and his family escape the ongoing genocide. You can follow and support Hamdi via his instagram page @hamdi_zein0 and please donate directly and share his fundraiser link:

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