Take Action

 We need your help, learn the threats and challenges effecting sharks and the oceans. Your actions, though they may seem small, make all the difference!



Sharing is Caring-

  Using your social media account to spread awareness and brag about the cool gear you just got from Sphyrnas, helps build a conservation network. Sign e-petitions (active campaigns live in our blog!) and stay in aware of key legislation and your local representatives that are making strides to protect and save our environment. Your vote and your voice matters!


Just Keep Swimming-

    Scuba diving, wildlife tours and other 'eco-tourism' activities bring in billions of dollars across the globe. Responsible eco-tourism can help promote protection of reefs and other natural habitats for a host of flora and fauna that would otherwise be further threatened or even extinct. So don't hesitate in renting that paddle board or snorkel and exploring the ocean ecosystem on your next vacation.       HOWEVER! be sure to do your research and support local guides over 'influencer-lead' or big corporations that are actually doing more harm than good to the community. Embrace the real culture of the area you're visiting, look up some history, learn some of the language and be respectful as a minimum- encourage your friends and family to do the same.


Gettin' Fishy with It -

    Be sure to keep expanding your knowledge about sharks and their watery world. When you stay up to date on available resources as well as threats to sharks and our vital ocean ecosystems, you ensure their protection for future generations.  Use your favorite search engine to learn more about issues threatening sharks and the health of our oceans and how you can take further action in conserving and protecting them.   


  For way more ideas and ways you can help save sharks as well as become more sustainable check out our SHARK BLOG