We’re turning 2020 into the Year of the Shark with help from some amazing non-profit organizations.

In addition to donating 25% of every order toward shark research or outreach programs - we're giving you the power to make more of an impact toward conservation efforts!

How it Works:

    By selecting a SharkPartner patch you have the power to make even more of an impact for sharks and the oceans. 

As you browse our clothing collection, after you’ve chosen your color or size, you’ll see a drop down ‘SharkPartner Patch’ of non-profit organizations as add-on to that design. Each partner patch can be added onto any design that features the option and is a $5 donation, fully contributed to the organization you choose.

If you want to skip the addition of a patch, simply select ‘none’ and 25% of your order will still go directly to marine conservation efforts and initiatives. 

Our SharkPartners:

We are so excited to work with new SharkPartners in launching our Patch Project for 2020! 

Click HERE to see our latest partners and learn about what they’re doing to help save the seas.

 As more non-profit organizations join our mission to conserve, protect, and save with us they’ll be added to our patch program. Be sure to check out and add-on a partner patch today!

Together, we’ll ensure 2020 is the best Year of the Shark yet.