In addition to donating sales proceeds toward shark research and outreach programs - we're giving you the power to make even more of an impact for our seas!

How it Works:

    By selecting a SharkPartner patch on applicable clothing site wide, you have the power to make a greater impact for sharks and the oceans with direct donation to any organization listed. 

As you browse through our clothing collection, you’ll see a drop-down tab, ‘SharkPartner Patch’, which lists available organizations that can be added. Each partner patch is a $5 donation, fully contributed to the organization you choose.

If you want to skip the addition of a patch, simply select ‘none’ or 'no thanks' and your order still goes toward marine conservation efforts. 

Our SharkPartners:

We're excited to work with our FINtastic SharkPartners - check them out on our instagram page highlight launching Jan. 2021! 

Until then, click HERE to see our latest partners and learn about what they’re doing to help save the seas.