Sphyrnas Series 21: Water is Life

$0.01 - $54.00

Welcome January! For our first Series 21 artwork we began from the very beginning with water itself. We are starting off our new limited design series with water because all life depends on water in some way.

Water is involved in just about everything our body does from getting rid of waste, regulating body temperature and being a big part of the blood that brings nutrients to all our cells. Did you know, human adults are 55-60% water!

Proceeds from this design will go to THE OCEAN CLEANUP, a non-profit organization developing tech to face the threat of ocean pollution. Learn more or Check them out on social media @theoceancleanup

Tee Materials:
• Adult Unisex Fit
• Eco-jersey, Upcycled 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
• Organic and recycled materials

Available Design Extras (2):
• Signed 4"x6" Limited and numbered Glossy Design Print ($10/ea)
• Water resistant, color die cut sticker ($2/ea)

Extras are limited and numbered, once supply runs out these stickers and prints will be out too!

Don't like the tee but love another design within this Series 21 collection? Great! Use the options to get them all or just get one. No matter which you choose, this design is only available until Jan. 31, 2021.