SHARKmark bookmark

$7.50 - $9.00

Never lose your place in your book or your love for sharks again - check out our handmade bookmarks..err shall we say 'Shark Marks'!

Each features an one-of-a-kind front (from collage shark and handprinted works by founder Cari) and a solid color back.

- Made in small batches, no two are alike!
- Measures: ~6" x 2"
- Handmade tassel detail
- Triple layered eco-cardstock, assembled with non-toxic glue
- Assorted colors, pick your shark species below!
*Hammerhead Masterpiece is a limited collection with hand-painted details vs. printed art (+$1.50)

* Not made to be on or near water, these are paper!
* May have some residue on finer details (around gills for example) if there is, the glue is easily rubbed off with gentle wiping from clean fingertips.