Shark Zodiac Set


Celebrate your shark sign with our Shark Zodiac Sets.
*Get this month's sign when you order this item.

Included in each set:
- 2oz Special edition Sharkscents Candle
- Shark Bio card to learn more about each species
- Shark Sign card to know more about each particular sign
- Holographic Shark Decal
- Handmade, hypoallergenic bracelet specific to each sign's color

ICYMI: You can also Sharkscribe to get a set each month! Tap the Sharkscribe link at the top of our site to learn more and sign up today.
*Coming soon, options to buy your own sign. Contact us for availability if you're interested in just getting a specific zodiac that is not this month's.

Don't know your sign or want to learn more? Check out the SHARK BLOG link at the top of the site to access all 12 signs.