Shark Art Collection


We’re celebrating shark lovers, wild adventures, and nature wanderers alike with these limited edition canvas paintings. Every brushstroke and splatter of paint makes each 8”x10” canvas wonderfully unique.

This #SharkArt collection features 7 original canvas works by our founder. All sales proceeds from these canvases donated to our friends at Sharks4Kids, doing amazing work to educate children about sharks as well as their shark conservation efforts.

8" x 10" canvas originals
Each includes an inspiration card letting you know the story behind each piece as well as a special Sharks4Kids decal, only available with purchase of one of these canvases.

If you'd like to donate to Sharks4Kids please visit their donation page through their website:

*Each canvas is one of a kind - once gone, their gone; all sales final!
**International shipping is available but may be extended until shipping ban to some countries is lifted; exact shipping time frame for some countries is unavailable at this time. You can purchase any item from our site, including these and we will simply hold until we are able to ship your order**